Thursday, February 25, 2010

start to blog again

after almost a year... i saw you again today.. it was a shock at 1st... i feel sad and happy at the same time.. happy because i saw u once more.. and sad because u never seems to be the same person again.. we greeted each other.. and our only word is only "hi".. its very much different from the time we shared together in the past.. i wont forget how u take care of me when im sick.. the breakfast that u prepare 4 me.. and the support that u gave me when im really down.. the joy, the laughter.. but that was the past.. now u r a completely a diff person.. i feel that i dont know u anymore.. a complete stranger.. but no matter what, i would still want to wish u all the best in whatever u r doing right now.. just want to say that.. after 1 yr, im still whu im.. i have nvr changed.. the memories that u gave me i will treasure forever in my heart..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lonely Christmas

24th night of December 2008, Christmas eve ... I spend it in UUM. What a lonely Christmas for me. I don't have a choice but to spend it here as I just finish my English Communication II exam today and furthermore, I need to shift from MISC back to Petronas. Most people already gone back as the new semester starts only on the 27th, so the whole of Petronas only left a couple of people. I'm sitting here, infront of my laptop typing, surfing and chatting. This is my 1st Christmas without celebration.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well, I went to Maison last Saturday with my friends. It was situated in Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Kuala Lumpur. Around a 5 minutes drive from Pavillion if there are no traffic jams. It was my first time there, and I got to say the experience is awesome. The surroundings is very classy and comfortable. It makes Pure Bar looks like a kiddy place haha. I'm not going to say much about my time there as there is too much to be said, but one thing for sure is that I'm very high and enjoying my time on that night. I'm gonna go there again someday, as it was so fun plus the music mix by Goldfish.

Thursday, December 4, 2008




雨淋濕了天空 毀的很講究
你說你不懂 為何在這時牽手
我曬乾了沉默 悔的很衝動
就算這是做錯 也只是怕錯過

是不是說 沒有做完的夢最痛
迷路的後果 我能承受

你送我的眼淚 讓它留在雨天

哦~你說我不該不該 不該在這時候說了我愛你
哦~請告訴我 暫停算不算放棄

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Trip with my Uni friends

My friends and I went for a trip on the 25th of Nov as we are having our sem break. The plan is to go to Sunway Lagoon or Genting Highland. Just a few hours before we began our journey, 1 of my friend from Alor Star is struck with dengue (I'm sorry for you). But we decided to continue with our plan and we went to KL.

We reach KL at around 2+pm and after checking in the hotel, we went for our 1st destination which is Mid Valley. Well, it took some time for us to reach there as we are going there by LRT. But I guess it was faster compare to taxi with all the traffic jams in KL. Basically, I think the place there is quite boring unless you are going to shop and after having our meal we went back to our hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, we bath and decide what to do next. Ah Lun suggest to go and sing K and give an excuse that Ah Koh didn't go before (but I think he himself is the one, haha).

Then we took a taxi to Low Yat Plaza as the Red Box is situated there. We ate our dinner at a Japanese restaurant before proceeding to the down floor for some singing. When we reach the reception counter, the girl told me that it will cost RM32 per person including buffet and supper and singing hours had been extended to 4am. At that time we were stunned because we already taken our dinner. What a mistake haha. Anyway, we paid up.

I don't think there is much choice of a food there but I took some of my favourite food like sushi and teppanyaki, Ah Lun took some cakes and dessert while Ah Koh prefered pork and fried rice. I was kinda impress with the songs selection in Red Box because there were a variety of songs to choose from including Jay and SHE new album songs. And of course, Jay's new songs became my priority (hey! I do sang other songs on that night too like 淘汰 and 洋蔥 haha).

But the songs that really make me laugh is when they sang 小姐,這是我的名 and 我愛台妹. The lyrics is so funny haha. Then I decided to sang a song to be dedicated to Ah Young who couldn't make it to the trip with us. The song is, 明明很爱你! Ah Koh recorded us singing that song by using his handphone and we will show it to him when we return to Uni haha. Actually there was a girl called Ming Ming in my Uni, so that song means [明明] - [很爱你]. Now get it? Haha!

After finish singing at around 3+am, we went back and walk along the Bukit Bintang road. While walking, we were approach by an Indian guy (quite fat, in his 20's I think). He shakes his body asking us if we want to "enjoy" or not while pointing to a red car infront. Then I saw there were 2 women sitting inside it. We politely declined his offer and walk away. Then there were another 2 beautiful girls standing along side the road asking us but we just ignored it. As we reach the car park, we saw a man (maybe in his 50's, because he is bald and having a big belly) hugging 2 women while another 2 women following closely behind him into a hotel. The 2 women looks at me and I guess they were Chinese National. We joke that Ah Lun will be that old man in the future haha.

Finally, we reach our hotel at around 4+am. It was quite tiring on the 1st day. While we prepared to sleep, there is a live UEFA Cup match between Portsmouth and AC Milan on the tv. We watch it for awhile before falling asleep. The match eventually finish at 2-2 haha.

The alarm is set at 7am but none of us managed to wake up. We woke up at around 8+am and after taking bath, checking out of the hotel and eating our breakfast, we went to the LRT station. But the people there told us that it will be faster and cheaper if we go to Sunway Lagoon by bus. Then we walk to a bus station and took a bus to Sunway and it only cost us RM2.00. When we reach Sunway Pyramid, we didn't get down the bus as we thought Sunway Lagoon is further up front. But luckily the ticket seller told us and we get down at the next stop.

After a mix up, we finally reach our destination. We were quite excited and Q up to buy tickets. There were so many people there although it's a Friday morning. I saw locals, young children, Arabian and Westerner. After finish buying our tickets and keeping our bags in the locker, we went in. The 1st thing that we played is ... Guess what? Scream Park! Although we know the ghost is not real but they do look real! The trainer told us not to touch them and they will not touch us. Overall, it does scared me a little but I'm still fine, because they are human too lol haha.


Then we played some game like the roller coaster and the ship (that hangs around at the top, I don't know how to describe it). But the most enjoyable thing is when we went to the Water Park. The swimming pool is huge, but not deep enough. Can't even drown a little kid haha. There is also others water games. Personally I enjoyed playing the (we sit on a tube of 2 person and skating down inside a dark tunnel) and (water body skating where we lie our body down and skate from the top to the bottom) Haha it was quite fun but I don't know how to describe those excitement.

Roller Coaster

This is the water body skating

We didn't managed to take any pictures as we are playing waters and a camera will be inconvenient. The rain started to fall at around 4+pm and we decided to leave. We were quite regret as we fail to play any of the Extreme Park games. After cleaning ourselves and changing to clean clothes, we went to walk around the Sunway Pyramid. Nothing much inside to see and we left shortwards after that. We took a bus back to Pudu Raya, and after finish eating our dinner at KFC, we went for our separate ways as they are heading back to Seremban while I'm going back to Melaka. While on the way to the bus station, a girl stopped me at the roadside asking me for the direction to the Central Market station. Luckily i know where, and I show her the way.

When I reach the bus station, most bus tickets to Melaka were already sold out and left only later times. I have no choice but to bought a bus ticket which took a longer route through Alor Gajah and Masjid Tanah. It was so slow to reach Melaka compare to the normal bus which go straight to the Ayer Keroh toll station. I reach Melaka at around 11+pm and the rain is pouring down heavily, but I'm lucky enough because there is a girl (I don't know her) offer her umbrella to me and not long after that my family came and fetch me home. What a journey~ HOME SWEET HOME ^^

Monday, December 1, 2008

A whole new start

Alright, I'm starting my own blog now. I have always wanted to do this since a long way back, but I doesn't have any idea on how it works. This is my 1st posting and I guess I have nothing much to say. I think I gonna need some time to figure out on how can I make my blog looks more interesting. Ok, that's for now, I will be back with more posting later on. Ciaoz~!